Yvonne Gilbert is a  Theatre Sound Designer

 Yvonne Gilbert manages multiple levels of sound with great finesse. –Julian Eaves British Theatre.com

Coupled with the scenery, was the impressive sound..many congratulations to Sound Designer Yvonne Gilbert there. These two elements all added to the realism –Terry Eastham London theatre

This choice by Yvonne Gilbert (sound design) drives home the parallels which suggests why this play is still being performed today.- Saskia CoomberA Younger Theatre

Sound Designer Yvonne Gilbert uses music sparingly but effectively to enhance some of the scenes. Gavin Mist York Mix

Yvonne Gilbert’s imaginative sound design, brought the otherworldly individuals convincingly to life, Ghost –Christopher Wiley Musical Theatre Review

 Huge credit must also go to sound designer Yvonne Gilbert: a series of speakers concealed within a stretch of grass in front of the stage broadcast canine growls, snarls and whimpers which shift and lurch subtly; combined with well-drilled cast movements, the implied canines are both palpable and credible. Robert Workman –Time Out

We loved the creative use of simple performer-manned props throughout, especially Yvonne Gilbert’s sound design. Franco Milazzo – The Londonist

Yvonne Gilbert’s sound design is similarly sympathetic. The choice to work with onstage microphones evokes radio dramas of bygone eras, and generally adds atmosphere-Mark Smith- British Theatre review 

Drama is provided by their interaction, and atmosphere by the setting and sound – a distant band, cheering, rumbling (Yvonne Gilbert’s sound design) Libby Purves

Adding to the sense of Brideshead’s vastness is Sound Designer Yvonne Gilbert’s use of echo. Words tumble and reverberate and sound effects creep up on us like unexpected dinner guests. Peter Yates London Theatre

Composer Christopher Madin and Sound Designer Yvonne Gilbert have skilfully transported the audience through time periods and sound-collages that seemed at times to delve into the relational psyches of the characters.-Tilly Green Daily info